Brilliant & Free Social Networking Icons Pack

This amazing social networking icon pack for your blog provides over 80 PNG icons for all your favourite social networks from Facebook, Twitter, and Design Moo to YouTube and icons for companies such as Apple. This truly is a brilliant collection and of course its free, licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.  

35 Cool Photos of New York that you can use for Free

New York is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world and with so much colour, life, and action, there are endless scenes to photograph.   Here collated for you are 35 cool and beautiful photos of New York from Flickr that you can use for free.  Each one is high quality and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic licence.  This means that you are free to copy, distribute, and use the photograph for your commercial and non-commercial purposes providing you credit the photographer with the photo.

14 Websites to Fuel your Creativity

In-need of some design inspiration? Here are 14 websites to fuel your creativity and provide inspiration for any project.  This collection includes logo, web, illustration and general design inspiration from galleries and collections across the web.  After checking out some of these sites you’ll definitely want to get designing something new.  Don’t forget to add [...]

The Ultimate 20 Photoshop Text Tutorials

The are plenty of Photoshop text tutorials out there so we have trawled through all the lists to bring you the Ultimate 20 Photoshop Text Tutorials round-up.  They should all be relatively easy to create and require only Photoshop and your time. As usual if you know of an amazing one that we haven’t included [...]

2 Useful iPhone Image Apps you don’t have but should

After spending much time googling the Internet for brilliant iPhone apps I discovered that consistently a few really useful ones weren’t really being talked about much – here are two.  This article is not an ultimate end-all – the 2 best image apps, but simply 2 apps that people don’t have or haven’t heard about.  [...]

Smashing Magazine release their first book

It has finally arrived: Smashing Magazine’s very first book.  Available exclusively from Smashing Mag the book is ready to be shipped.
The book which has 313 pages of full colour goodness is aimed at web designers and developers and looks at Web design rules of thumb, color theory, usability guidelines, user interface design, best coding and [...]