2 Useful iPhone Image Apps you don’t have but should

After spending much time googling the Internet for brilliant iPhone apps I discovered that consistently a few really useful ones weren’t really being talked about much – here are two.  This article is not an ultimate end-all – the 2 best image apps, but simply 2 apps that people don’t have or haven’t heard about.  If you don’t have either of these apps download them and you’ll find that they are great!

I would really like to hear about your free really useful iPhone apps that not many people know about!

1. Mill Colour (itunes link)

mc_1_230609The Mill is an award-winning visual effects studio with offices in London and New York.  However now they are applying some amazing visual effects to iPhone user photos in the form of their free app.  Mill Colour allows you to select a photo from your iPhone gallery (or take one there and then) and apply various “looks” (colour filters) to your photos.  You can also manually adjust various colour controls.  While this may sound pretty average the results you can get from applying some of the effects are brilliant (not to mention I’ve tried them myself) just take a look at the flickr group with photos from iPhone’s with Mill Colour effects applied to them. This app is highly recommended if you use your iPhone camera.

2. Rotator

This relativity boring app does what it says on the tin really well. Simple. If you find you have photos in your iPhone gallery that are rotated the wrong way round to view (even if you rotate the device) this app sorts the problem out for free. Alternative app: Photo Mojo.

Main Blog Post Photo Credit: Andrew Stawarz

  1. TK (Reply) on Monday 7, 2009

    Sorry if this is a some what pointless post but I really wanted to share these two useful apps.

  2. Apeksha (Reply) on Monday 7, 2009

    why have to go through your cotemupr to change it, if you can just take it in black and white and say add it to facebook or some other website .i guess it just depends on the person, if you have more patience to go through each picture and change it to b w, then you can, if not why have to?also for people who are taking pictures on their phones or webcams, a lot of the time black and white makes the photo look better quality

  3. Khadija (Reply) on Monday 7, 2009

    you’re right. especially if you’re shnitoog RAW files, it doesn’t matter. but say a professional photographer is doing a job, and the client/art director has requested the photos to be black and white. turning on the black and white setting on the camera allows the photographer to give the client/art director a rough idea of what it will look like. most people who are not used to looking at photographs find it hard to imagine what colour photos will look like in black and white.

  4. Mariana (Reply) on Monday 7, 2009

    Believe it or not, there are people that don’t know that they can covernt a color photo to black and white. I have seen people ask how to take black and white pictures more than once. It is also easier for casual shooters that take snapshots to let the camera do it. They do very little, if any, post processing.

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