The Ultimate 20 Photoshop Text Tutorials

The are plenty of Photoshop text tutorials out there so we have trawled through all the lists to bring you the Ultimate 20 Photoshop Text Tutorials round-up.  They should all be relatively easy to create and require only Photoshop and your time. As usual if you know of an amazing one that we haven’t included add a link to it in the comments. Enjoy!

Impressive Text

Create eye-catching text with impact.

Halftone Effect Text


Go for an old fashioned print feel.

Text Made of Text Effect


Our favourite text effect here.. very cool indeed.

Typographic Poster Effect


Trendy, interesting yet simple.

Super Cool Frilly Bits Text Effect


Great for flamboyant design work.

Colourful Glowing Text Effect


Light, dynamic and easy on the eye.

Transparent Glass Lettering


Crystal, clean and fresh.

Moon Shine Text Effect


Modern, clean and user-friendly text.

Gold Text Effect


Refined, bold and established text.

Drawn 3D Text Blocks


Artwork feel, original and serious.

Cool Folded Text Effect


Modern, clean and friendly.

Smokey Typography


Scary, smokey and dark.

Candy Coated Text Effect


Innocent, sweet and enticing text.

Wet Ink Text Effect


Authors, original, important text.

3D Text in Image Effect


Impressive, colourful, and expensive.

Stunning 3D Bold Text


Bold, bright and eye-catching.

Pixel Text Effect


Computer/digital feel.

Amazing Extreme Lighting 3D Text


Bold, exciting, mysterious.

Amazing Grass Text Effect


Green, Eco-text, fresh.

ICE Cube Text Effect


Cold, bold, and very cool.

  1. Rick Swift (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2009

    I need another six hours every day, but I will NOT fly with Stims! Uhm, yea, the NET is full of so many fascinating how-tos. Sometimes I wish I could find a how-to for how-to know it all! Great post.

  2. ert yuiop (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2009

    Fudge You

    • Kevin (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2009

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    • Akihiro (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2009

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  3. ert yuiop (Reply) on Wednesday 9, 2009

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